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Registration and Workbond


Registration and Raffle

We provide a positive, healthy and safe environment for children to learn and play football and cheerleading.  Unfortunately, this endeavor comes at a cost. Like most local youth sports, we have opted to collect all fees at registration. Our fees cover league registration fees, uniforms, equipment, referee fees, etc. To help families recover ALL registration fees, we allow every football player and cheerleader to participate in our Eagles Ticket Raffle.  Raffle tickets are sold at $1.00 per chance and the winner receives 3 season tickets to the Philadelphia Eagles in the family section. Again, you can recover ALL registration costs (except workbond). Collecting these fees upfront will allow us to properly fund all our athletes experiences this season. CLICK HERE to register.

Cheer Registration automatically includes competition costs, which will include fees, sneakers, and bows. If you are only interested in football cheer, there is an option to remove the competition fees during registration.

Football cheer includes summer camp and football games. Competition cheer includes summer camp, fall practices, and several competitions through the fall. 

Family discounts: Second player -$100, Third player -$200, Fourth+ Free!

Each family is responsible for picking up and selling their tickets! They will be available at participating events like GT Day and select nights at the club house.  

Payment plans that breakup fees over 2 or 3 months are available via credit card if paying through the site.

If you have ANY questions or concerns, please let us know. We are here for you and your family! We want everyone to be able to participate and have a wonderful season. 


It takes a lot of volunteers and a lot of time to keep an organization as large as the GT Stallions going.  At the time of registration, you paid a $50 work bond per child. In order to get that work bond refunded at the end of the season, we require each family to volunteer four hours of their time. That’s four hours per family, not per child.

We have a core group of people who do so much for the club already, but that’s not nearly enough. The typical way to earn your work bond is set below:

Work 4 hours in the snack stand, which consists of

  • 2 hours during a practice at the field your child is assigned to, AND
  • 2 hours in the GT Blenheim snack stand during a home game. 

Or you can substitute working the snack stand on game day with working chain crew during a home game at either field.  To keep things fair for everyone, chain crew can ONLY account for 2 hours towards your work bond.

There are other ways to volunteer:

  • Field maintenance
  • Cheer Competition
  • Coaching
  • Team Manager

Contact your Team Manager or any member of the board if you have any other ways to volunteer.

If you choose to forfeit your work bond by not fulfilling the 4 hours:

  • You will not receive the $50 refund
  • You will have to pay for your child’s banquet ticket
  • If your child’s team wins a championship, he/she will not receive a championship jacket unless paid in full by you.

You must sign in to receive credit for your work bond. 

The spirit of the workbond is to ensure we have enough volunteer coverage for all of our events through out the season. We are a 100% volunteer organization. Without your support, we can not provide the proper instruction, a safe environment, or fundraise enough money to cover our fees. 


If you need any support, please use the Team Sports HQ help or email [email protected].

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